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Is there a way to make a hotmail account without using my actual phone number and still be verified?

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You don’t need to provide your mobile number to create or verify a new Hotmail account as it’s not a mandatory information. However instead, you will need to provide an alternate/existing/backup email address so that they can send you the recovery email information when you forget your password. Simply access this link: Microsoft account to create a new account. Choose the email handle ‘Outlook’ or ‘Hotmail’ from the dropdown menu in User name field. Scroll down and you will see two fields - one for mobile number and one for alternate email address.It is mandatory to provide at least one of those two info - for the purpose of recovering your email account as I mentioned above. If you provide mobile number, then alternate email is optional. And vice versa. Simply fill up the rest of the form and click on ‘Create Account’. That’s it. Your new account is ready to use.

Hotmail Sign in: Create Hotmail Account (Hotmail.com)

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Hotmail Sign in: Talking about email administrations, there is not a lot superior to Gmail yet in the event that you are looking the second best email benefits that you can use for sending your own messages then you won't discover as best as Hotmail. Till date other than Gmail email benefit Hotmail is additionally giving the best of its email benefit for which greatest clients are pulled in to it.
Above you have already known about the importance of Hotmail in our daily routine today. But after recognizing the importance of emails and exciting features of Hotmail, the first question that arises is how to login hotmail / create account. So today here in this article I am going to give you a full guide where you will apparently know about the procedure to create Hotmail account on your device. After creating your new account how to sign in easily so that you can use it for sending emails to people let it be for personal work or official work. So are you ready for the guide? How to Ho…

Get Hotmail email on another computer

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Note: After doing these means in the article underneath you know how to get Hotmail email on another PC, it would be ideal if you comprehend that occasionally the above advances may not work - it relies upon the structure the development of an internet browser and machine. In the event that I encourage you to clean your program's reserve and spared passwords that - please read this article for directions. I additionally prescribe that you read how to utilize 2 Hotmail email account from a PC

A little note on the Hotmail sign in page

As you most likely are aware, to get your Hotmail email, you have to open an internet browser and direct it toward the Hotmail sign in page - allude to the picture beneath. To get to your record, simply type in the right Windows Live ID and secret key.

"Keep in mind my secret key" component on this sign in page offers the accommodation of putting away your login data on your PC that encourages access to Hotmail represents a little quicker nex…

How to recover Hotmail or iCloud on a stolen phone?

On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning data security (antivirus, interruption, cybercrime, information burglary, and so forth.) go to the finish of the report and utilize the remark space or send an email to g1seguranca@globomail.com . The segment answers addresses left by perusers in the pack on Thursdays.

>>> Stolen

telephone : recuperating accounts from Hotmail and iCloud I had my iPhone stolen and overseen, after months, to recoup it. Presently, I saw that my two locations, one in Hotmail and the other in iCloud are for the sake of another person.

How to continue? Would you be able to direct me, if you don't mind

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In the event that the main thing that transpired was a name change, you were exceptionally fortunate!

In the event that despite everything you approach accounts (passwords have not been changed), essentially get to the record settings board on each administration. There you can change all your own data, including the n…

Outlook.com (Hotmail) How to enable Dark Mode

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Microsoft dispatches Dark Mode for use with the Outlook.com (Old Hotmail) email benefit after the start of the transitory adaptation for Halloween a year ago. (This rendition is somewhat extraordinary.) With this new mode, clients can switch their settings physically. 

Hotmail Outlook Dark Mode 
Outlook.com (Hotmail) How to empower Dark Mode 
For how to enact it is extremely basic. Simply go to the apparatus symbol and turn it on in dull mode or in English it will state Dark Mode . Lamentably, just accessible with unique blue subject. Can not be utilized as a part of conjunction with some other subject (Microsoft guarantees to be accessible later). 
Microsoft's improvement approach depends on the requirements of the client. Dull Mode is reasonable for evening time utilize. I don't look extremely well. Other email suppliers have Dark Mode, however it's as yet restricted to menus that do exclude email content. Outlook.com is an extraordinary expansion. Microsoft dispatches …

How to prevent Outlook.com or Hotmail to redirect to MSN on sign out

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Hi insane world!

I at long last chose I would impart to you a mystery change of mine. When I sign out of Outlook.com or Hotmail, I don't get diverted to MSN. Truly, I don't.

Firefox is your companion

Stage 1. Utilize a genuine Internet Browser (otherwise known as Firefox).

Stage 2. Utilize NoScript or AdBlock Plus. In the event that you have neither of those introduced, Ctrl+Shift+A and do as such.

Stage 3. Essentially deny any contents from the accompanying spaces:



Bit of cake. Square these two spaces and you shouldn't get diverted to MSN any longer.

Outlook.com - No MSN

Sign in – sign out. Nothing else. The pleasure is all mine.

Alter – Workaround

For reasons unknown, this technique doesn't work any longer. Being fedup and needing a less difficult arrangement, I've discovered one:

Log out from a non email related administration, as OneDrive, OneNote, Word/Excel Online, and so forth. Switch benefit and logout of course.

All of my emails to Hotmail users go to their junk folder. How can I get them into the inbox?

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Hotmail is a little tricky, I spoke with their Senior Engineer and he told me that Hotmail sign in will place all emails from new IP’s into the spam folder for up to 6 months as a precaution before they allow it to be sent to the inbox. But, keep in mind, if you don’t follow the postmaster guidelines outlined by Hotmail, you’ll never be able to consistently hit the inbox. The statement above factual with all ESP’s. The most important way to increase your inboxing rate is to configure your mail server properly. Their are so many settings you have to have in place and almost impossible to know them all. That’s why most people use Unlock The Inbox Email Tester, it’s simply the best hands down. No other tester even comes close. It does over 400+ checks depending on your configuration, it’s simply amazing.


Email mark is currently an absolute necessity with regards to formal expert messages. It demonstrates that you are an expert and obviously that a mark underneath any report is imperative. All things considered, email marks contain your essential contact data like in your Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express signature. Along these lines, it can be anything, ideal from your pet name, mark name or site points of interest completely an anything that gives out individual data.

For instance, in Windows Mail or Outlook Express, you can include various marks, similar to one for work mail and other for private messages. Mail for Windows 10 is an email program exceptionally particular in style from Windows Live Mail and its more established renditions of Windows Mail and Outlook Express. Despite the fact that, setting up Mail for Windows 10 marks is moderately simple. Along these lines, there are two different ways you can add a mark to your Windows live mail or Hotmail.

Add Signa…

How to create a new Hotmail Account Free

Why make Hotmail account?

Doubtlessly you went to our site, to know how to make Hotmail free record, in light of the fact that their administration is extremely total. Does it have an email address, as well as has numerous extra instruments and administrations that are exceptionally helpful for both individual utilize and work.

make new hotmail account 

Hotmail was conceived as one of the principal free Internet webmail, and beyond question outstanding amongst other known, for quite a while it was obtained by Microsoft, which was making upgrades and its outcome today is Outlook.com that replaces Hotmail.com as overseer of free online mail and converging somehow all the email administrations of the Redmond organization.

Make Free Hotmail Account

The means to make a free Hotmail email account is quick and straightforward. You simply need to take after the directions that we exited in this instructional exercise:

We go to www.hotmail.com and on the screen that shows up in the upper right…

How to Make Your Hotmail Sign In More Secure

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Microsoft's Hotmail, having experienced numerous updates, has been around since 1996; which should be "eternity" on the Internet. In the event that you utilize this administration, great security rehearses are all together, and I'm here today to help anchor your Hotmail sign in. In case you're not a Hotmail client, huge numbers of these tips can in any case apply to you, as other web-mail administrations may have similar highlights.


When marking in to Windows Live, ensure that SSL encryption is empowered with the goal that your login and secret key are scrambled before sending them out. Additionally, it would be ideal if you ensure that both "remember" registration are cleared, except if you're sure that no one else will utilize the PC which you are utilizing.

Supervisor's note: These days, present day programs can "recall" login certifications. While browsing your email from an open PC, never enable the program to…